Fremont older hike and hail

Took the family out for a short hike in Fremont older. The clouds appeared to be looming when we left home but the rain had not made an appearance so I thought we should be able to squeeze in a quick hike.


The skies opened up and dumped and hailed on us. We scurried back after about 15 minutes.

Tulia had my p&s camera and found some interesting things to shoot.

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Turkeyday Ride

So every year in the South bay there is a pre-Thanksgiving ride up Kennedy Rd and up Kennedy trail to the top.  It’s a 2000′ climb to the top.  This year I took Tulia up to the top on the Big Dummy. My buddy Chris rode with me.  Several people that I have ridden with and met through were there.

The ride starts in Los Gatos in front of Summit Bike shop.  We arrived at 10 till 8.  I spotted a bunch of people that I rode with in Oregon, and on the Big Basin MBTB epic.

This is a great ride.  It’s a pretty steep grind up, but having all these people here really makes it fun.  Rumor was that 2 pigs and several turkey’s were hauled up.  Also kegs, Tequila, and beers of all sorts.  We brought up some Kona brews.

Tulia was a trooper and rode tail the whole way.  She didn’t even complain.  The doughnut holes and promise of goodies up at the top helped.

Countless people talked with me about how cool the Big Dummy setup is.  It’s nice riding this thing on a ride other than a grocery run or dropping the kids off at school.  I was really impressed with how easy (relative to the task at hand) the dummy was to pedal up the hill.  Slow and low is all it took.

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