Sonoma Coast Ride Report

60 miler today on the trucker, 6600 vertical feet of climbing in just over 4 hours.  Started from my father in-laws house.

Started out along a bike path to Sebastopol, flat and safe.  Then I rode on the Bodega Hwy to the Bohemian Hwy.  There isn’t much of a shoulder on those two hwys.  No fun.

From there I descended into the town of Occidental.  The road and traffic was much better from that point on to the coast.  Cars were infrequent and generally gave me lots of room.

The Bohemian Hwy then leads to Monte Rio where I saw the Russian River.  The river runs very wide at this area.  From here I travel on River Rd down to the coast just south of the town of Jenner.

Hwy 1 was also very narrow but the traffic on a weekday was light, and generally provided lots of space.

Down the coast I spotted an area that had been eroded away by the sea.  There once stood a house but it fell into the ocean.  All that was left was part of the foundation and some piers that used to hold part of the house up.

I then rode past my turn off into the town of Bodega where I had some really good pizza at Dickmann’s Bay Store.  Then it was back to my ride.

Bay Hill Rd is the road that takes me back inland.  That road  and Joy Rd are roads that traverse the mountain range that separates Santa Rosa and the ocean.  The climb was long and tough.  Once into Occidental it was downhill back.

A great ride.

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