Fishing at the boardwalk

My parents and the kids and I went to Santa Cruz for a spur of the moment fishing trip at the pier. It had been a while since i took Tulia fishing and I wanted to go somewhere that we would be sure to catch something other than a snag fish.

After Tulia pulled up the first fish, it promptly bled and convinced her that she didn’t want to catch anymore fish. We later had dinner on the pier.

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Fremont older hike and hail

Took the family out for a short hike in Fremont older. The clouds appeared to be looming when we left home but the rain had not made an appearance so I thought we should be able to squeeze in a quick hike.


The skies opened up and dumped and hailed on us. We scurried back after about 15 minutes.

Tulia had my p&s camera and found some interesting things to shoot.

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Big Basin S24O ver. 2.0

This was a shake down ride for Jeff, Chris and I for our Santa Barbara tour in June. My new friend Adam came with us and rode my LHT. Jeff didn’t camp and had to return after nearly making it to the top of Hwy 9 before running out of time.

We pulled into camp well past sun down. We were all hungry and tired. We had looked forward to buying some firewood and having a big fire to warm up by but we were disheartened when we found the camp store closed and no one around able to spare any wood.

We rode around to various camp sites asking if anyone had extra wood to spare but that proved to be an exercise in disappointment. We selected a camp next to a couple that was having a large fire.

The thought had crossed my mind to buddy up with them and warm our cold tired bodies using their fire, but somehow a part of me thought they might not appreciate their romantic camping get away in the woods being ruined by 3 sweaty stinky bikers. So I refrained from asking.

About an half an hour after setting up camp they came over and offered to pick up some firewood for us down in Boulder Creek some many miles away. They had ran out of their own wood and would be heading out to replenish their stock! Lucky break #1.

So after about an hour they returned with four bundles of wood for us. We lite a huge inferno and cooked pasta and chili over my homemade alcohol stoves. Oh and drank other forms of alcohol that wasn’t flammable enough for the stove.

That night we pretty much crashed out as soon as we finished dinner around 10 pm. The food was all put away but the pots and pans were still coated with chili residue. No worries I thought. The raccoons should be that much of a bother once they lick the pans clean.

Around midnight the whole family of coons came out and tried to clean out pans. I say tried because they made so much noise that I had to scare them away each time to try to go back to sleep. After about the 4th time I put the dishes away where they couldn’t get to them.

This same family of coons had coordinated an attack on our neighbors that bought us firewood earlier. They made off with the couple’s bag of marshmallows.

The next day we woke, had a light breakfast and rode back home by noon. The last time I did this same trip solo. I can say that s24o’s are much more fun with friends. As long as you have enough boos.

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