A productive day

I didn’t get a ride in like I wanted to today, but at least I got a lot done.

Fixed the side gate.  The lag shields were pulling out of their holes and the gate was swinging low and not catching the latch.

Went to Trader Joes and bought groceries and stuff to make meatloaf.  I managed to fit everything into the hard boxes that I installed on the GS recently.  I’m pleasantly surprised as to how much stuff I can fit in the boxes.

Then I made healthy meatloaf and candied sweet potatoes.  Meatloaf was  ground turkey with spinach, mushrooms, carrots, onion, garlic, steel cut oatmeal, fresh eggs, and spices. Healthy and tasty.

All the veggies that go into my meatloaf. Gotta get the kids to eat good somehow.


Saweet potatoes

While the meatloaf and sweet potatoes cooked, I fixed two drawers that were overloaded.  The bottom of the drawers are stapled to box.  When you overload the drawer, the staples can no longer hold bottom on.

Way too much stuff caused the bottom to blow out

Overloaded drawer bottom

I bought this staple gun a year ago to fix some other project.  I have to say that this is one of the coolest tools I own.

Bad ass staple gun

A few staples and the drawer can now hold all the discounted dented cans you can buy.

An hour later the meal was done. Somehow a bottle of wine disappeared in the process…  Have to look into fixing that.

The finished product

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Little Rascal


The Rascal

Note, if you have an aversion to stories about toddler poop then read no more.

So this morning I wake up as usual to Nolan banging around in his room.  An improvement to what he used to do, that being screaming at the top of his lungs, notifying everyone in the neighborhood that he is awake.

I open Tulia’s door and the lights are on, and she is dressed.  Ok, nothing abnormal there.  I then open Nolan’s door. Lights are on, normal.  Nolan is laying in bed playing with a headlamp I got him for Christmas, no problem there.

Upon closer inspection he has no shirt on and his pj’s are on the ground.  I pull the cover’s back and he’s changed into some pull ups and pair of pants.  Great!  He’s learning to change himself out of his pj’s.  So I put a shirt on him and proceed to go to the kitchen to fix breakfast for them.  “Hmm, have to find the pee soaked diaper later…,” I thought.

As Nolan sits at the kitchen table, demanding cereal, he says, “I have poo poo, I change.”  “I wipe poo poo and put on pull up.”

“Wait, what?!?!? What did you do???”

“I change poo poo diaper”

I sigh and take a peek in his pull up.  No poop, rather remnants of dookie on his bottom.

“Oh crap.” I thought.  Where is that dirty diaper.

I walk back in his room and immediately notice that smell.  Crap, I thought maybe he just had gas this morning.

I end up finding the diaper in the diaper drawer of his dresser.  Poopie diaper and dirty wipes.  Blaaaahhhhh.

Oh the life of a parent…

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Fargo, Go Far. Ti.

Ok, So I started seriously thinking about buying the Trek Sawyer.  But then got to thinking that my bike stable is getting a little outta hand.  And really the Sawyer wasn’t filling any bike needs that I didn’t already have a bike for.  So this got me thinking. Why am I again spending money on a bike that isn’t exactly what I want.

And so what is it that I want exactly? I want a 29er that can tour on and off road. I want it in titanium.  (After getting a Moots, ti is saweeet)  I want a hardtail.  I no longer want to tour with big heavy racks and big panniers.

The answer came to me.  I’ve always admired Salsa bikes.  The Fargo was always an interesting bike.  Now they have created a Ti version of the Fargo with updated geometry.

“OMG!” I thought. That’s it.  Ti adventure touring bike.  After touring down south on the LHT, I realized that panniers just let you pack too much.  I’m all for bike packing.  Light as possible, minimum.  And if I need to tour with lots of stuff, I have the Big Dummy.

So, this is the plan. Sell the LHT with racks, panniers, and all.  Sell the Beasely 650B SS. Work some overtime.  Order me up a Ti Fargo frameset.  Start building a Ti 29er adventure bike from the ground up!

Ti Fargo

Just sick

Hey I like hot sauce. So Salsa is fitting isn't it?

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Two wheeled things

Mmm Stokage.  Got my panniers finally for the GS. I ordered those things probably 4 months ago.  Maybe more.  Anyway, they finally came.  Got them on.  Just in time for 10 days of rain.  Oh well, I got to ride to Palo Alto with them just to try them out.  Surprisingly they seem to stabilize the bike a little more.  At highway speeds the bike doesn’t feel so twitchy anymore.  One negative though is my mileage per gallon meter went down about 5-10 mpg!  Yikes, that’s almost a 20% hit.  Well I guess I am still getting over 40 mpg.  Not bad I guess.

On other two wheel stokage, check this out.  Gary Fisher sold his brand to Trek. That’s not the news.  They produced a bike that pays homage to the days of the klunker.  The birth of the mountain bike in Marin.  Trek is selling this geared 29er called the Sawyer.

I love the swoopy tubes.  Such a cruiser look.  Steel too.  Might have to sell the 650B beasley SS to fund this one.

Here is a production pic.  I think this would be a cool retro bike packing bike.  Although that is what my moots is for… Maybe I need to pull an overtime shift.

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Do good.

Today I was the recipient of the good that random people can be capable of in this world.  Lately, I am guilty of looking at things in a jaded light.  Compassion has been less than prominent in my day to day life.  Sad isn’t it?  Until today. I’m truly moved by what may seem to be a small and insignificant gesture.

I went riding today out on the Kennedy trail in Los Gatos.  For those that don’t know, it’s a grueling climb to the 2700′ peak. The valley is socked in with low clouds and fog in places.  The trail head is no exception.



Dew Catchers




After about 50 minutes of climbing and about 2200′ of elevation the fog gave way to the sun from above.



Looking back down at the valley.



Panoramic shot near the top.


So after making it to the top and snapping a few photos, I let gravity take over and do it’s thing.  Midway down there are a set of two good sized water bar jumps where one can boost a few feet of air.  Somehow my camera decided to do a little flying of it’s own.  It store it in the side pocket of my riding pack.  This pocket is open and doesn’t have a zipper for easy and quick access.  Too easy.

I made it home and then realized the camera was missing.  Curse words and explicatives rolled off my tongue.  I wasn’t sure if I was more pissed about losing it or the impending climb up the hill just to fetch the piece of crap.

I drove back to the trailhead after lunch, readying myself for another ride (ok, so that’s not a bad thing).  What did I find when I arrived at the trailhead?  Someone had found my camera, and brought it down the hill.  They left it at the signage at the start of the trail. Amazing. They cold have scored a free camera, but they did the right thing.  Knowing, that no one was around to see their good deed.  Knowing that they would probably never be thanked or rewarded for their good deed.  It was a profound reminder to me that people do good.

I left a nice note, where my camera stood.  I decided that since I couldn’t pay this person back, I will pay it forward.  Such a small deed, yet such a profound effect.




Above it all


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Life Cycles


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One day the river meets the sea,
and then its not a river any more.
It’s past through the wheels of change,
in and out of experience,
grand dance.
Inevitably the ride stops,
lost, but not entirely gone,
for now, as far as we can tell,
the cycle of life, it never ends.
-Life Cycles

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