My little Nolan

Sometimes you act all big and tough. But sometimes you are a sweet, scared little guy.

I had to leave for work this morning. Usually I leave before 6 so I don’t wake you up since you’ve been sneaking in to my room and sleeping on the floor.

But today, just as I was stepping out of the door at 530, you came running down the hall crying. Back to your spot in the floor I take you.

So now here I lay for a while till you fall asleep again.

Love you little guy.

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  by lost_by_bike
, a photo by lost_by_bike on Flickr.

Nolan you crack me up. I love you son.

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Love your little notes Tuli

I love your notes that you write. This one tells me about a splinter you had in your foot. I especially like the little picture your drew of it


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Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival


Tulia once again performed at the Santa Clara Art and Wine festival. I setup the GoPro and dropped it in front of the stage. But apparently I hit a wrong button and didn’t get any video :(

But I did get pictures and some short clips of Tuli. She did great. Its amazing to watch how she has progressed over the years.

It also amazes me how many dances she is in now. So many routines to remember…

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My sweet Tuli

Tuli you are so sweet. I went to your second grade back to school night and I saw a picture you drew for me. It was posted on the wall and it made my heart melt.

You don’t fully realize it yet but you hold my heart in your hand. I love you so much and would do anything for you.

Anyway thank you for being my baby girl.

I love you so much.


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Your funny little mind Nolan

Dada, why can’t squirrel talk?
Cuz he can’t
Dada can I pie pie him?
No, you can’t catch him
Dada, why squirrel want to be outside?
Cuz that’s where he lives…

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Dance Zone Team BBQ

Dance season is here and what better way to kick it off than with a pool bbq.  Almost the entire team came.  The kids loved the pool.  Great food, fun, people, and good times…

I got a chance to shoot with my HD gopro in 60fps.  This was my first try at conforming 60fps to 24fps for super smooth slow-mo.  Final cut pro is great for this.  I’m still learning.  Found out if you convert all your fottage to apple prores 422 then you dont have to render every time you change something. Pretty cool.  Anyway here is the video.

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Remembering 9/11

Ten years ago, I was waking up and getting ready to go to work at my job at Cisco.  I tried to log on to the internet and read my email.  The internet seemed to be down.  Weird.  Open my browser and then I saw the news.

That image of tower 1 smoking way up high with a giant hole in it.  Chills went down my back.  I turned on the tv and watched with the rest of the world as a second plane few into tower 2.

Ten years later, I read the messages left on Mark Bingham’s voice mail.  It brings all those chilling feelings back.

Ten years later, I am proud to be part of the brotherhood of firefighters.

Today I hang my flag proudly outside my home.  To remember all those that died this day.  All those that served.

Today is to remember that this world is cruel, and man is capable of incomprehensible evil.  But also to remember that humankind is also capable of tremendous good.  Love and selflessness.  I think I’d rather remember humankind that way.









Two days ago I attended another memorial of a tragedy that happened a year ago.  The PGE pipeline explosion in San Bruno on 9/9/10.  I was one of the first firefighters on scene of that tragedy.  When that explosion occurred, many of us thought of terrorism again because of the proximity to 9/11 and having SFO right next door.  Just another example of how 9/11 will always be with us.

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Sep 03, 2011 Eastern Sierra Fishing


Took a trip to fly fish the eastern Sierras with my brother in law. We camped out at Aspens camp on the Lee Vining River just east of Yosemite off of Hwy 120. Marc caught his first fish on the fly on this trip!

We fished the Lee Vining River with some success. They had stocked the river just days before. The next day we hit the Virginia Lakes area. We spent the whole day at Little Virginia Lake. They stocked days before also but this time with Alpers Trout.

Alpers trout are 2-4 pounds when they are released into the wild. When we got there I walked out to where a couple float tubers had just finished fishing and were getting out. On the ground I see a 17″ 4 pound rainbow. Wow, this was going to be good.

After a slow start the action picked up and we were able to land some fish. I ended the day with 6 fish landed and 3 that came off before I could snap a photo.

The third day we stopped and fished Saddlebag lake. Not much action. Just one for me. Then we stopped and fished Lee Vining creek again but this time the section that comes out of Saddlebag. Caught one.

After that we stopped on the Tuolumne River. I took a nap in the hammock and Marc fished some more with some bites.

The meals we had were great this trip. Lamb tips with rice, Tri tip with green beans and onions, tri tip egg breakfast burritos. All of it cooked over campfires and camp stoves. We had some really top notch tequila that Marc got from an employee. Smooth with no bite. Well not until I woke up in the middle of the night.

While at Virginia Lakes I hiked up the side of the mountain next to the lake to take some photos. I took lots of videos as well so look for a video post soon…

This was a great trip. Had tons of fun, and relaxed as well. I love the Eastern Sierra for it’s ruggedness and for the fly fishing.  One of the fondest parts of this trip was fly fishing in the float tube in Little Virginia Lake with beers in my net hanging in the water.  I landed a few fish with the beers in there.  Something about floating in the middle of the lake out in the wilderness, fishing, drinking, and relaxing.

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