Socal Bike tour day 1

The six of us have completed day one of our Santa Barbara bike tour. Myself, Chris,Tim, Jeff, Chris 2, and Ryan are camping out in Marina, about 8 miles from Monterey.

We started the day with myself, Chris, Tim, and Jeff.  We were detoured from the Los Gatos creek trail due to a project that started today of all days.  So we had to climb up fire roads in St Joes open space preserve on loaded touring bikes.  Also it was about 80 degrees.  The descent from St Joes caused jeff’s rim to heat up so much that it blew out the rear tire.  Jeff’s tubes were filled with green slim to prevent puncture flats.  Needless to say that was a mess.

We then slowly made our way up to Summit Rd in the Santa Cruz mountains.  We stopped at the Summit store for lunch.  I was denied when i asked to fill my water bottles after spending $15 on food.  The clerk said the owner doesn’t want them to fill bicyclist’s bottles.  Hmmmm

Next we rode down to Soquel and met up with Chris #2, and Ryan.  We stopped at the post office and jettisoned about 8 pounds of Jeff’s gear to help lighten things up.  Jeff kept the scotch…

From there we went on to Moss Landing where we stopped for some Tamales and rest.  The next section of Hwy 1 was full of passing cars during commute rush hour. Cars zipping by at 50+ mph is no fun.  Luckily we made it to a bike trail which took us to Marina.

We pulled in at 1930 so we decided to dine at Denny’s. Both Chris’s bought matching Monterey bay sweatshirts because they forgot warm clothes.

At Denny’s, the plus size waitress was hitting on Chris #2 and got really excited when she learned that their were two Chris’s.

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