Socal Bike tour day 3

We had brunch at Gorda Springs.  At this time we’ve begun to realize that some of us are not going to be losing any weight on this trip , me being one of them.  I had another huge omelette.  It’s hard not to eat big meals because you are constantly burning calories all day.  If I didn’t I could be caught bonking somewhere on the route.

Today is the day of flats.  Chris H had three flats.  Turns out that the brake pads had worn down enough that they contacted the tire, which in turn wore through the tube three time till Tim diagnosed the problem.  Luckily we were in Cambria and were able to get parts.  We went to the bike shop at 5:05.  Turns out the shop closes at 5.  Luckily the owner was still there but getting ready to close up shop.  He was a little reluctant to help, but eventually did.  Made about $50  doing it too.  After about an hour of tinkering we decided to eat at a pizza parlor in Cambria and camp in San Simeon a couple miles North.

Tonight we had pizza and beers and camped with a nice fire. Showered and warmed by rum, here I lay under the stars.

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