Socal Bike tour day 5

Today started out early for me.  I woke about 530.  Slept pretty good last night.  Wonder why.  Anyway, we packed up and headed out for a breakfast.  Down the road was a diner that fit the bill.  When we pulled up the waiter came up in a frantic look and said, ” I’m the only one here so it’ll be ten minutes before I can seat you.”  No problem we thought and we began to wait. 15 minutes later, he’s still running around.  A couple of us decide to try to sit down at an empty table.  They told the waiter that we were just going to sit inside and wait because it was cold out.

The waiter told us we could not sit inside.  So off we went back North to find another restaurant.  We ate in Gorda Springs about 2 miles away.  There is where we sat for the next 2 hours trying to find a one way rental van, truck, car, hot air balloon, biplane, anything that could get us home that same day.  (No we wouldn’t make it home in one day by pedaling.)  We searched Santa Maria, San Luis, Pismo, and surrounding areas.  We couldn’t find a single vehicle.  So we opted for catching the train in San Luis to San Jose.  But we had 3 hours till it left and 12 miles to cover.

After the morning scramble, we rode in to San Luis and waited.  The Amtrak attendant advised us that the train was 1.5 hours late and there was a bus coming in 30 minutes that would go direct to San Jose.  She wasn’t sure if it could take six bikes though…  In fact she was fairly adamant that the bus wouldn’t fit six bikes.  We kept our reserved tickets on the train and decided to wait and see when the bus came to see if the driver would take any of us. I was prepared to take the train and come home late (after 2230).

The bus arrived and told us that he would take all of us, but that we had to hurry cuz he was running late.  We did a mad rush and jammed all the bikes into buses cargo hull.

It would take us 4 hours to get into San Jose.  Two of those four hours the two Chris’s giggled like school girls…  It’s great to be home…

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  • spooner


    saw a link to your blog over at bikeforums while looking at pics of touring bikes:


    i wonder if you could take a moment to list out all the gear aside from the lht.


    Comment | June 21, 2010
  • MSR whisperlite intl.
    MSR basecamp water filter
    MSR stainless Alpine pot set.
    Snowpeak 900 and 700 ti pot set, ti spoon.
    Lafuma 20 degree down bag.
    3 shirts, pair of shorts, 1 pair of socks.
    kelty noah’s tarp 12′x12′, 8′x10′ ground cloth
    pair of keen’s
    gerber hatchet
    ipad, canon dslr and lens, chargers.
    Toiletries, pot scrubber and soap.
    MSR liter of fuel.
    2 tubes, bikes tools, pump.
    100oz camelback in wingnut pack

    Comment | June 22, 2010

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