Do good.

Today I was the recipient of the good that random people can be capable of in this world.  Lately, I am guilty of looking at things in a jaded light.  Compassion has been less than prominent in my day to day life.  Sad isn’t it?  Until today. I’m truly moved by what may seem to be a small and insignificant gesture.

I went riding today out on the Kennedy trail in Los Gatos.  For those that don’t know, it’s a grueling climb to the 2700′ peak. The valley is socked in with low clouds and fog in places.  The trail head is no exception.



Dew Catchers




After about 50 minutes of climbing and about 2200′ of elevation the fog gave way to the sun from above.



Looking back down at the valley.



Panoramic shot near the top.


So after making it to the top and snapping a few photos, I let gravity take over and do it’s thing.  Midway down there are a set of two good sized water bar jumps where one can boost a few feet of air.  Somehow my camera decided to do a little flying of it’s own.  It store it in the side pocket of my riding pack.  This pocket is open and doesn’t have a zipper for easy and quick access.  Too easy.

I made it home and then realized the camera was missing.  Curse words and explicatives rolled off my tongue.  I wasn’t sure if I was more pissed about losing it or the impending climb up the hill just to fetch the piece of crap.

I drove back to the trailhead after lunch, readying myself for another ride (ok, so that’s not a bad thing).  What did I find when I arrived at the trailhead?  Someone had found my camera, and brought it down the hill.  They left it at the signage at the start of the trail. Amazing. They cold have scored a free camera, but they did the right thing.  Knowing, that no one was around to see their good deed.  Knowing that they would probably never be thanked or rewarded for their good deed.  It was a profound reminder to me that people do good.

I left a nice note, where my camera stood.  I decided that since I couldn’t pay this person back, I will pay it forward.  Such a small deed, yet such a profound effect.




Above it all


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