Two wheeled things

Mmm Stokage.  Got my panniers finally for the GS. I ordered those things probably 4 months ago.  Maybe more.  Anyway, they finally came.  Got them on.  Just in time for 10 days of rain.  Oh well, I got to ride to Palo Alto with them just to try them out.  Surprisingly they seem to stabilize the bike a little more.  At highway speeds the bike doesn’t feel so twitchy anymore.  One negative though is my mileage per gallon meter went down about 5-10 mpg!  Yikes, that’s almost a 20% hit.  Well I guess I am still getting over 40 mpg.  Not bad I guess.

On other two wheel stokage, check this out.  Gary Fisher sold his brand to Trek. That’s not the news.  They produced a bike that pays homage to the days of the klunker.  The birth of the mountain bike in Marin.  Trek is selling this geared 29er called the Sawyer.

I love the swoopy tubes.  Such a cruiser look.  Steel too.  Might have to sell the 650B beasley SS to fund this one.

Here is a production pic.  I think this would be a cool retro bike packing bike.  Although that is what my moots is for… Maybe I need to pull an overtime shift.

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