Current State of the Utility bikes

Here are pictures of the current incarnations of the utility bikes.  The Big Dummy with the double kid seats.

Also here is the Long Haul Trucker with the new Brooks Imperial Saddle and Caradice Barley Bag.

If you look close the mini minewt LED light is mounted in its new space thanks to some handy machine work from Todd at Bowers Precision That light holder is Titanium.  Sexy huh?!

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Long Haul Trucker mods

I added a dynamo light to the LHT.  While it is not a dynamo hub, it is a sidewall dynamo.  This means it uses a small bottle dynamo, or generator, that runs off the sidewall of the tire.  The drag is minimal and not even noticable to me.  The dynamo generates 3 Watts of power.

It powers a 3W Halogen light.  While not as bright as my 100 Lumens LED light, it still gets me noticed by traffic and lets me see the road.

Also a close up shot of the new stem setup.  This mod has definately made the LHT as comforatable as my mountain bikes.

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