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The Rascal

Note, if you have an aversion to stories about toddler poop then read no more.

So this morning I wake up as usual to Nolan banging around in his room.  An improvement to what he used to do, that being screaming at the top of his lungs, notifying everyone in the neighborhood that he is awake.

I open Tulia’s door and the lights are on, and she is dressed.  Ok, nothing abnormal there.  I then open Nolan’s door. Lights are on, normal.  Nolan is laying in bed playing with a headlamp I got him for Christmas, no problem there.

Upon closer inspection he has no shirt on and his pj’s are on the ground.  I pull the cover’s back and he’s changed into some pull ups and pair of pants.  Great!  He’s learning to change himself out of his pj’s.  So I put a shirt on him and proceed to go to the kitchen to fix breakfast for them.  “Hmm, have to find the pee soaked diaper later…,” I thought.

As Nolan sits at the kitchen table, demanding cereal, he says, “I have poo poo, I change.”  “I wipe poo poo and put on pull up.”

“Wait, what?!?!? What did you do???”

“I change poo poo diaper”

I sigh and take a peek in his pull up.  No poop, rather remnants of dookie on his bottom.

“Oh crap.” I thought.  Where is that dirty diaper.

I walk back in his room and immediately notice that smell.  Crap, I thought maybe he just had gas this morning.

I end up finding the diaper in the diaper drawer of his dresser.  Poopie diaper and dirty wipes.  Blaaaahhhhh.

Oh the life of a parent…

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